Frequently Asked Questions

How to View Pay Rent, View Transactions, and Set Up Auto Pay in TWA

How to View Pay Rent, View Transactions, and Set Up Auto Pay in TWA

1. From your TWA dashboard you can see open charges.

2. You can either view charges by clicking here:

3. Click here to make a payment:

4. Choose how much you would like to pay:

5. Choose your Payment Type:

6. Click here and enter your payment information on the next screen.

7. To Review all Transactions, select the "Transacations" tab in the header:

8. The date will automatically set for the past six months. To see a custom date range, select and populate it:

9. To Enable AutoPay on your account, click the "Make a Payment" Tab on the Header:

10. Click here:

11. Enter your Payment type:

12. Once you've populated your payment and billing information, enable your online payments:

13. You can select which day of the month it will charge your account! (Rent is due on the first!)

14. Click here:

15. You can select Total balance due, or a sepecific amount. Please remember our leases are JOINT leases- if you select Total Balance Due it will select the entire rent amount. If you agreed with your roommates to each pay a portion of the total amount, click "Specific Amount"

16. Click here:

17. Click here to save!

How to Submit a Service Issue from Tenant Web Access

How to Submit a Service Issue from Tenant Web Access

1. From your Tenant Web Access Dashboard, select the "Service Issues/Doc Upload" button on the header:

2. From this screen you can see any TWA Submitted Service Issues. To add a new issus, click the button:

3. Please state the subject line, whether it's utility information or a Service Request:

4. Please be descriptive in the title and submit

5. Click here:

6. Let us know if you have pets, and attach a picture so our technician can know what to look for!

7. Post a description of the picture and attach:

8. Click here:

9. You can see the new service issue added:

How to Sign a Document or Lease online. I can't see my document- Where is it?

How to Sign a document or Lease in Tenant Web Access

1. Go to and click the resident login. Sign in with your email and password:

2. To review any pending documents, click the "Documents to Sign" button in the header.

3. Any signable documents will be on this page. If there are no signable documents, make sure that you are on the correct account. You could be under a new account with us if you've renewed your lease with a new roommate, or if you've transferred properties within our portfolio. You can select the down arrow here:

4. Click the correct account:

5. The yellow bar shows you that you have a document waiting for your signature. Select the "Documents to Sign" button to open the document:

6. Click here to open the document and sign/initial where needed!

How can I request maintenance for my property?

Maintenance requests can be made via your online tenant portal. For emergencies, please call 205-345-1440. Click here to view a video tutorial.

Can I review a copy of an H.A. Edwards, Inc. lease?

Our lease is typically the same throughout all of our residential properties. Some fields will be changed, such as what utilities are provided, deposit and administrative fee amounts, and other areas. If you would like to review our standard lease, you may see a copy here:

Blank HAE Lease Template

How much is the deposit?

Deposits vary based on the property. Please see the property listing to find its deposit.

Do you allow pets?

We strive to provide mutual accountability and responsibility for the benefit of all our residents. It’s imperative that ALL our residents fully understand and acknowledge our pet and animal-related policies. This ensures we have formalized pet and animal-related policy acknowledgments and more accurate records to create greater mutual accountability.

We use a third-party service, PetScreening, to ensure all applicants understand how to adhere to the property's pet and animal policies, even if you do not have a pet or animal. All applicants should complete a Pet, No Pet, or Animal Profile.

There is an initial nonrefundable pet fee of $300 for the first pet and $100 for each additional pet if approved. Pet rent in the amount of $25 per pet per month will be added to the lease. Pet rent will remain in full effect for the entirety of the lease. Not all properties are pet friendly properties for Household Pets. Please make sure you understand if the property is pet friendly before applying!

Do you allow subletting?

We do not allow subletting, but we do provide a re-letting  process for our tenants. You may view a Reletting Brochure Here. Please contact our office at 205-345-1440 for more information.

What are your rental application requirements?

H.A. Edwards, Inc. supports The Fair Housing Act as amended, prohibiting discrimination in housing on race, creed, color, religion, national origin, handicap, familial status, or sexual orientation. The following qualifications standards will be required from every perspective resident. All applicants must provide a government issued I.D. at the time of application. A completed application with application fee is required for each adult resident and each adult occupant. Upon request, we will discuss, in general, the requirements for approval prior to you submitting your application. 


Lease holder(s) must be 19 years or older. An application must be submitted by each applicant 19 years of age or older, even if living with a parent or guardian.  

Certified funds are required for payments made 10 days or less prior to move-in.

Number of occupants: Two Person Maximum Occupancy per Bedroom (unless otherwise dictated by State or Federal law).  


Automatic Denial: Applicant will be denied for any of the following:   

  • Unpaid Eviction  
  • Housing Debt  
  • Active Bankruptcy 
  • Credit Score below 600

Credit Scoring: Information about you and your credit experience such as your bill-paying history, the number and type of accounts that you have, late payments, collection actions, outstanding debt, and the age of your accounts is collected from your credit report. An automated credit scoring system determines your credit score, which established any further verification needed and your security deposit.   

Rental History: Applicant must have twelve (12) months verifiable residence history, Documented lease violation may result in denial. 

Employment: Lease Holder must have twelve (12) months verifiable employment history or confirmation of full time student (minimum 9 hours).  

Income: Monthly gross income requirement is (3) times the monthly rent amount. Failure to meet requirement will results in added points to overall risk score. Income must be verified by one or more of the following Management approved documentation:  

  • Two (2) most recent pay stubs 
  • Court Documents approved by management  
  • Last two (2) years Federal Income Tax Returns if self employed  
  • Employer Offer Letter if new employee 
  • CPA Certified letter of income 

Criminal History: Applications will be denied if: 

Felony conviction, serving deferred adjudication, if within 10 years of completion of sentence, or case pending for the following:  

  • Theft of property (exclude checks), damage to property, drug violation, Violence, Injury to persons or excusal offense no time limit, Misdemeanor convection, service differed adjudication, if within 7 years of completion of sentence, or case pending for the following: Theft of property (excludes checks, damage to property, drug violation, Violence, Injury to persons or sexual offense no time limit.  

Roommates: Qualify for income jointly at four (4) times Market rent; each roommate must qualify individually in all other areas.  

Guarantors: Guarantors are required for full-time students who do not qualify on their own. A guarantor may also be used for applicants who have insufficient income, credit, employment, and/or rental history. However, a guarantor cannot be used to cover a denied applicant. In qualifying a Guarantor, they must qualify at four (4) times the market rent with management approved, documented income.  

Application Fee: An application fee is required per application prior to processing. 

Cancellations: Earnest Money and admin fees will only be refunded on denied applicants. Earnest money will not be returned for cancellations and will be forfeiting as liquidated damages.  

If Applicant has no credit history, guarantor or income, applicant may pay a earnest money/deposit equal to 1 month's rent and the entire lease amount before move-in. In this event, applicant must qualify each year.

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